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How Can You Cancel PayPal Transaction If Not Claimed?

Hey friends, PayPal is the American company and it operates online money system. It found in 1998 and still in working from that time. Also it’s parent organization is ebay. In this article I will tell you the method to cancel PayPal transaction.

The users of PayPal are increasing day by day. Therefore I have written this article for you. First of all you need to know what is PayPal? PayPal is like a digital money wallet. You can shop by PayPal as like you do on Paytm. If you do online work on websites like freelancer, it will ask you for PayPal account.

How to send money on PayPal?

PayPal is very user friendly and it looks like very easy to use. Before cancelling transaction you need to learn how to send money on PayPal. There is no need to add money first in PayPal wallet before send to anyone after 2019 update. As like paytm you can do transaction directly through your bank account here.

If you have started any international business, you will have to do online transaction. In India ICICI bank is good for international transaction. Go to that bank and create an account. After creating bank account you have to add that account into your PayPal account. I am not like you can’t use another bank account. Independently you can use any nationalized bank account. I use SBI account for it. But sometime the card of it do not work properly. Therefore I am telling about ICICI. Now you can also link only card too.

In India there is a rule to send money – You can not send money by using PayPal in India to India. Means that you can not send money to anyone who live in India. In India PayPal use for only international transaction.

Let get start step by step guide –

Step 1 – Login to your PayPal account

cancel paypal transaction

Step 2 – Click on “Send and Request” option

Step 3 – Search the person by name, email address or his mobile number where you have to send money. After searching make sure is your selected id confirmed. Now click on “Next” button

Step 3 – Add there the amount to send after that click on “Continue” button

Once again confirm the name or email id or mobile number at the top. If you found something mistake in that click on “Cancel” button.

Step 4 – Select any of bank account or card both you have added at the time of creating account on PayPal and click on “Next” button.

Step 5 – Verify your id, receiver id and amount and click on “Send Money Now” button.

After that it will redirect you to payment gateway to your bank and your bank will send you OTP on your number. Enter that OTP there and click on confirm OTP button. Now it will show you success message.

Congratulations! You have done successfully.

Note – In India, there is only international transactions are possible. You can not do India to India transactions.

How to cancel PayPal transaction?

You can’t cancel payment if your payment status showing completed. It means receiver has collected that money and the owner of that money is receiver now. If you want that money return, you have to directly contact with receiver.

If you make a payment to anyone or any company, it has status like “Completed”. You can cancel payment only when it will be showing “unclaimed” status in your PayPal activity. Unclaimed status means receiver hasn’t collected the money yet. In this condition you can easily cancel PayPal transaction. Let talk about the process to cancel PayPal fund transfer –

If you have made payment to someone and it is showing pending status, you can see cancel option there.

Step 1 – Go to Activity page in your PayPal account

Step 2 – In Activity page, locate the payment which you have to cancel

Step 3 – Click on “Cancel” button in Action column

Step 4 – Now click on “Cancel Payment” button

Now it will show Cancel status. Remember, Your payment will automatically canceled if it is on pending status for 30 days. It will returned to your payment method from where you have done that payment.

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